How To Learn Stock Trading As A Beginner [Best Ways]

Have you ever wondered why most people end up losing their money in the stock market? Lack of learning and knowledge.

Most people often start trading in stocks before even knowing the basics. They think they will buy a stock, then it will rise, and then they will earn a huge profit by selling it. But the stock market is much more than that.

So as a beginner, it can be vital for you to learn the fundamentals of the stock market before starting your trading journey.

In this post, I will tell you the 5 best ways to learn stock trading and investing:

1. Virtual Trading

“Practice makes a man perfect.”

We have been hearing this statement since our childhood, and it’s true indeed.

But I won’t suggest you open a Demat account and put your real money at risk to learn how to trade.

A virtual trading account gives you a real-life trading experience for free, with no money required. There are a lot of brokers and stock market-related firms that allow you to open a virtual trading account for free. Some of the best are – ICICI Direct, MoneyBhai by Moneycontrol, and TradingView, you can open a virtual trading account from any of these providers.

2. Follow A Mentor On Social Media

Follow the experts in the industry. It is one of the best ways to learn about the stock market.

Follow them wherever you can, be it social media, television, or newspaper. Observe them and learn from their experience. In this digital era, social media – Twitter, Facebook, etc. are the best of all platforms to connect with the experts for free.

A plus point of following experts on social media is that they freely share their views and knowledge on social platforms, while that’s not the case in publications or television.

By the way, Follow StockPro’s founder and chief mentor – Dr. Seema Jain (Ph.D. IIT Delhi) on Twitter to grasp some real stock market knowledge. Along with stock market tips, she also regularly shares calls backed up with 15+ years of experience in the stock market.

3. Telegram

Telegram is a boon for stock market rookies. As of now, it’s one of the best platforms to interact with stock market experts for free.

There are a ton of Telegram channels on the app where you can access stock market trading knowledge, tips, and calls by experts for free. As the app has become so popular in the stock market industry, StockPro Team also decided to provide free knowledge to beginners on the platform.

In StockPro Official Telegram Channel, you’ll get access to some real trading knowledge, tips, and calls from expert mentors at StockPro for absolutely free. It’s also mentioned as the No.1 stock market channel by authorized websites like

Best of all, on the Telegram channel, you’ll get access to live webinar classes by Dr. Seema Jain (chief mentor and Founder of StockPro) for free.

4. Online Courses

Do you want to become a professional stock market trader? Joining a paid online course becomes essential.

You might be wondering why you need to spend money if you’re getting to learn free on youtube or Telegram. Yes, you can learn some basics on these free platforms but that’s not even 10% of the knowledge that you can gain from the experience of professionals. 

If you want to become a stock market pro, then you have to personally learn from the pros in the industry.

Check out StockPro’s professional trading courses if you want to become an advanced professional stock market analyst. We can assure you that after taking these courses, not only you’ll be able to earn consistent income through trading but you’ll also be able to earn by selling stock market advice to others.

Last Words

The stock market can be a great place to invest or trade in stocks and earn a decent and consistent income. But stock market trading is not also a piece of cake! 

Learning is important. Like a building can’t stand on a weaker foundation, you also can’t earn money in the stock market without learning the basics.

So as a beginner, don’t rush and learn the basics before starting your stock market journey. And if you want to enter early, only follow the experts instead of trading on your own.

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