Investment Strategy: In the coming year, what should be the investment strategy? The world’s seven largest institutional investors will invest here.

Investment Strategy: Globally this year saw huge upheaval in the stock market. Bond prices also fluctuated. In such a situation, seven leading institutional investors of the world shared their views on what should be the strategy for investment in the next year 2023.

Globally, this year saw a lot of upheaval in the stock market. Bond prices also fluctuated. In such a situation, in an interview with Bloomberg News, seven leading institutional investors of the world shared their views on what should be the strategy for investment in the next year 2023. These seven institutional investors with total assets under management (AUM) of $ 230 lakh crore (Rs 187.67 lakh crore) told about the challenges and their investment strategy for the next year. Some say that the valuations of the public and private markets need to fall so that they can invest more and more. At the same time, some institutional investors are keeping an eye on areas like rare metals as they have strong profit potential. Here information is being given about these seven strategies.

GIC Pte. (AUM- 69 thousand crore dollars)

According to Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC, preparing for the next year means having cash in hand, that is, as soon as an investment opportunity arises, money is immediately available for it. Jeffrey Jaensubhakij, chief investment officer of GIC, invests in options that are effective in fighting inflation. They believe that the inflationary pressure will increase in the coming times. He believes that investing in real estate is better than bonds and equities as rents are expected to rise in the coming times. Apart from this, infra projects and commodities are also better for long term. Apart from this the hotels are also better. Bets on telecom infra and real estate can be made in major markets like Japan and Australia.

Fidelity International (AUM- 61330 million dollars)

According to Anne Richards, CEO of Fidelity International, sentiment in Asia, including China, could recover faster than in the rest of the world. He is betting on Asian countries than America and Europe.

AustralianSuper (AUM- $184 billion)

Mark Delane, chief investment officer at Australian Super Pty Ltd, Australia’s largest pension company, is cautious about investing. It has reduced exposure to listed equity and credit. Now it is focusing on fixed interest and cash. The company is going to work on the same strategy for the next one year as well.

Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (AUM- $183 billion)

Ontario CEO Joe Taylor is betting on the mining of rare earth metals and metals-like assets. According to Taylor, rare metals are limited and the special thing is that it is among the limited options that China does not occupy. Taylor is betting on copper companies in Canada and China, and lithium companies in Latin America. Apart from this, there is also a bet on cobalt. He is betting on everything from battery-making chains and chip-making companies to water, food and Indian businesses. In August this year, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan acquired a majority stake in Sahyadri Hospital, its first private equity purchase in India.

Partners Group (AUM- 13100 million dollars)

According to Partners Group Holding AG chairman Stefan Meister, this is a good time to invest as the economy is showing signs of revival. They have bet on the theme of aging for the long term such as rental housing or residential apartments. Also Logistics, Cold Storage and Pharma Storage.

Temasek Holdings (AUM- $295 billion)

Rohit Sipahimalani, Chief Investment Officer, Temasek International, has said to focus on investment themes such as sustainable living, rising consumption, aging and healthcare. Temasek has slowed down on investments as it sees better investment opportunities ahead.

China Asset Management (AUM- $253 billion)

China’s A-share stock market has outperformed the US, European or Hong Kong equity markets this year, according to Richard Pan, chief investment officer of Global Capital Investments at China Asset Management. China Asset Management sees good opportunities in both new energy and biofuels. Apart from this, there is scope in healthcare and medical equipment stocks as well. At the same time, the company has also shown confidence in consumer stocks

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